Maria Rya goes wild in Prague


Prague Perfection. Meet Maria Rya from The Czech Republic. This smoking hot 20 year babe was found by searching the web when she came up on google under perfect models. The second I seen this flawless beauty I immediately jumped onto social network and found her online and messaged her and she quickly messaged me back about booking a cover shoot and the a few weeks later I took the European tour and met up with her in Prague. I booked the coolest five star hotel they had in the city where the Police stayed out front to keep out any bad elements. I went to get some authentic Czech food and waited for the baddest model in Europe to arrive and sure enough she showed up with her sexy self. Her accent was just as sexy as her appearance and I knew it was going to be a good day. She busted open her itty bitty outfits out of her luggage and had the perfect looks to match the room. We immediately jumped right into shooting and before I knew it she was completely naked. Maria Rya has been modeling in Europe since she was 18 and her experience was very evident. She went into splits, twerking and much much more if you know what I mean. I stopped a few times only to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. The baddest model in Europe was letting it all hang out in the sexiest hotel in the land. The second she was done posing she quickly left the hotel and was off on her way like waking up from a dream. It was that quick. I decided to then go have me a drink of the finest beers over some of the countries famous goulash as I tried to stay inside the dream as much as possible and realizing the two finest things about life are women and food. 109 NUDE IMAGES INSIDE!

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