Zahra’s Purple Swimsuit Shoot


Check out this short haired big booty beauty named Zahra. She is a fresh face model and people can't wait to get their eyes on her. Her followers on Instagram are sky rocketing. This photoshoot was done in South Beach at the pool where she wore a sexy one piece swimsuit from Mixed Swim. Purchase this look to see her pose and show off her assets. Her shoot was so sexy that people complained that it was too sexy for the pool. LOL!

Zahra turns up and turns you on in this sexy video shoot. She will have you yearning for a vacation as you watch her immerse her sexy body in water that takes her metallic purple swimsuit to new depths. Beautiful tattoos accentuate Zahra’s perfect body. If you like a big ass, glowing skin, and hips then you should watch Zahra bounce it just for you.

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